We’re coming to the end of the year and you might be looking at the goals you set for yourself back in January and realize that you haven’t made as much progress as you would have liked. You may have had big plans for 2019 but instead of celebrating, you feel like most things have gone wrong.

That was the case when I spoke with my long-time friend, Karen (not her real name), at the beginning of the week. This past December, she set ten goals that were important to her and that she wanted to reach in 2019. She had prayed about them. She created a vision board around them. She even declared them to her friends and family. She believed in her heart, mind and soul that these goals were God’s plans for her for 2019 and that she would successfully complete everything on her list.

From the tone of Karen’s voice, I could tell that probably didn’t happen. And unfortunately, I was right.

There are 49 days left in 2019 and she hasn’t accomplished one thing on her list. She was disappointed and quickly heading into despair.

So, I reminded her that for several months this year, she had to deal with an illness that left her physically exhausted. All while she had to hold down her full-time job.

The second thing that Karen forgot was that during this year, she also went through the break-up of a long-term relationship with a man she thought she was going to marry. That alone was stressful enough, but added to dealing with her illness, it’s a blessing that she’s still standing – healed and recovering physically, mentally and emotionally.

Karen heard what I was saying, but I could tell that something else was really bothering her. That’s when she shared what her real problem was. She felt that she had followed God’s will for her life. She had prayed and trusted Him to help her accomplish the things she felt He was calling her to do. So, when things didn’t happen according to the plan she felt God had for her, she became upset with Him.

So, Karen’s real problem was that she believed that God’s plans for her life had changed. According to her thinking, if that wasn’t the case, then she would have reached her goals despite everything else that was going on in her life. She was mad with God.

But here’s the thing – God knew Karen was going to be sick. He knew that her relationship was going to end. And, none of that changes His plans for her life.

No matter what’s going on in your life at any given time, God works on His timetable. That means, that you can be in His will and your goals or plans don’t work out because it’s not time. Your actions or inactions do not affect God’s will or His plans for you.

There is nothing about you or your life that God does not know. What may look like He changed His mind to us, is really Him deciding when it’s best for you to reach your goals, hopes and dreams. Because in His timing, whatever He has for you, is for you and nothing can stop Him.

And, that’s good news. Illness, break-ups, mistakes, etc. do not affect God’s plan for your life. He is never surprised by anything that you do or happens to you. The Word of God says that before you were born, He knew you. He knew everything that would happen in your future – including every mistake you would make, every wrong turn you would take and every unfair thing that would happen to you. Even knowing all of this, He still made plans for you.

If you’re feeling disappointed because this year hasn’t been all you thought it would be, stand on the promise in Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Remember that God’s plan for your life is still in place. Your road to accomplish it may look different, but that does not mean you won’t reach your destination. Your life is not over and you do not have to give up. Claim your future and your hope. Trust God to bring to pass everything He told you He would do in your life.

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