We just celebrated Juneteenth, commemorating the day that slaves in Galveston, Texas learned that they were finally free on June 19, 1865.

Saturday’s the 4th of July and we’ll be celebrating our country’s independence and freedom from England over 200 years ago.

But as you know, freedom doesn’t only apply to national issues or current events.

I talk with so many women and clients who are not free in one or more areas of their life. Jesus died over 2000 years ago so that you and I can be free. However, some women are still in bondage. And what is even worse, most often this bondage is based on lies.  

One lie too many women, especially high-achieving women, tell themselves is that they’re responsible for everything in their lives. In other words, “I have to do it all.” But, doing it all, leaves you frazzled, burned out and super stressed.

This lie can come from the people in your life but it mainly comes from one place. It comes from the father of all lies – the enemy of your soul. It’s his job to keep you stuck in places you don’t want to be. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. And he uses whatever methods are available to him to do that.

Methods like:

#1 – Confusing Your Mind

As a “want-to-figure-things-out-and-do-it-all myself” kind of woman, I sometimes struggle with this. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be responsible. But I know when I get caught up in thinking that I’m the only one who can do a task and do it correctly, that I’m allowing my thoughts to override what I know is truth. The truth is: I can’t do it all. And I certainly can’t do it all well at one time.

Neither can you. The blessing is that you don’t have to. The Word of God says that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Your help and your strength come from the Lord. So, ask Him, not only for strength but also for guidance and direction on identifying who else can help you or what other ways you might be able to get done what matters most to you.

#2 – Keeping You Busy

Another method the enemy uses to keep you stuck in bondage is by keeping you busy. Chances are that if you believe that you’re responsible for everything, you’re a very busy woman. Busyness can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. When you’re in the middle of overwhelm and stress, you don’t have time to think about who else can help. You’re just concerned with getting everything done.

I want you to keep in mind that busyness isn’t a spiritual gift. Busyness isn’t beautiful And, there are no awards for busyness.

When Jesus walked the earth, He was one of the busiest people alive. However, over and over the Bible tells us that He withdrew from people and went to a quiet place to pray and to refresh Himself.

Sometimes that’s what you should do, as well. Slow down and take a few minutes to assess what you’re doing. Ask the Lord if there’s another way. Someone who can help you, tasks that can be eliminated, things that could wait until a later time, for example.

#3 – Seeking Approval

The enemy’s third method of attack is to encourage you to believe that you need the approval of other people to feel good about yourself. That’s an effective tool for him – but not so much for you or me.

People are fickle. There are some who will never appreciate you or how much you do. For them, doing what you feel that you’re solely responsible for, will never be enough. You’ll be trapped in a cycle that, once again, will leave you overwhelmed and stressed out.

Author Alice Walker has a quote that I love, and I believe will encourage you if this is where you are right now. She said, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

You have the power to say that you don’t need anyone’s approval, especially if it challenges your well-being or your faith. God has already approved you when He sacrificed His Son for you. And He wants you to be free from anything that keeps you bound.

You don’t have to feel that you’re responsible for everything or that you have to do it all. When you believe that belief, you can take your stress and overwhelm to the altar and leave them there. Then ask the Lover of Your Soul to provide you with help – however, He wants to do it. He holds your life in His hands. And He’s the only One who is responsible for everything – including you, your peace and your sanity.

So, declare your own Independence Day and free yourself from believing that you have to do it all.