It’s January and a lot of people have their New Year resolutions all figured out. They are going to lose weight, exercise more, save money and spend less time on social media, just to name a few common resolutions. However, before January is over, most people give up on those resolutions and go back to doing the same things they always did.  

Now, I believe they sincerely wanted to do those things, but simply making a resolution doesn’t always do the trick. Having good intentions and trying to use your will power doesn’t always work either.

Does this sound familiar to you? You have every intention of doing the things you said you would do, but life gets in the way and you fall off track with no idea of how to get back on. 

There’s a formula for all of this. The problem is that it relies on you doing more (or less). As women, we’re great at getting things done; so, why can’t we stop continually breaking the promises we make to ourselves?

The thing is, most times when making resolutions or setting goals, women use the Do, Have, Be Formula. The formula looks like this: If I do the things I say I’m going to do, I’ll have the things I want to have, and I’ll be happy. For instance, if I lose weight, I’ll have the figure to wear prettier clothes and I’ll be happy with myself and my life.

But what would happen if you made a shift in the formula; changed it around to Be, Do, Have? If you decided that being the woman God called you be and that you want to be, came first? When you flip the formula this way, you might say: I am being the woman God called me to be, I’m doing the things He wants me to do and I have a joy-filled life. Or, I am being a good steward over my body, doing the things that honor my body like moving more and eating good foods so that I can have the energy to do the things I want to do and am called to do.

As a woman of faith, you have the power to break free from old patterns. That simply means that if you want to focus on being and not doing, with Jesus’ help, you can do that. You can embrace a new way of thinking about what you want your life to look like and how you want to live.

Putting all of your focus on doing will lead you straight into overwhelm and burnout. So, as you think about your goals, hopes and dreams, try flipping the script by focusing less on what you need to do and more on who you need to be. Ask God to help you – He will order your steps and direct your paths.